Aliens love you

by Broken Spirit

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A mother gives birth to what she thinks is a boy and he turns out being half alien. In the past aliens implanted the mother with their seed for a test for humans. He grows up to be half human and hated for it. His family hates him for what he is. The world finds out about him and hates him for being an abomination. He ends up on the street begging for money or a place to stay he gets nothing but spit on. He cries for help every night. The aliens have been watching since birth, they see this hatred the world has on their creation. The aliens have compassion, stop the test and pick him up from the earth. The aliens love me the boy said. The aliens and the boy go back to their ship and throw a party to show that they care about him. During the party one of the aliens told him that they are going to destroy the earth soon because of their great hatred. He stops and thinks about his family, his brother, sister, tacos and all the other people on the earth. He takes a look at the world and he sees that they miss hating him. He sneaks out of the party and messes up their ship. So they cannot destroy the earth despite their great hatred. The ship starts to malfunction and they rush to the escape pods and the boy takes a pod back to earth. In the pod he thinks about all the love the aliens showed him while he was there. As he makes a landing at his house people gather seeing this strange ship land. He exits the ship people began tell him tell him to leave the planet. He explains his trip from spaces and tells them about the love the aliens showed him and how he saved this world that hates him. Others hear this and begin to cry, apologized and start to show him love. Back in space the aliens miss him and understand what he did by showing care for the world that hates. Back on earth they throw him a party to say sorry, during the party the aliens show up in the sky and apologizes to the world for almost destroying it. The aliens and humans began to party together and forget their differences.


released February 21, 2017



all rights reserved


Broken Spirit Orlando, Florida

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